Select your Title Company

Make sure CAPITOL TITLE is written in the contract as your settlement services provider.

Provide Capitol Title with Settlement Information:

  • Copy of the Real Estate Contract
  • Name/phone number of Mortgage Company
  • Name/phone number of Loan Officer
  • Your current address (for pre-settlement correspondence with Capitol Title)

Prepare for Settlement

  • Obtain necessary insurance coverage.
    For properties other than condominiums, you must have an original homeowner’s insurance policy at settlement with a paid receipt for the first year’s premium. The dwelling coverage must be at least the loan amount. Contact the lender for specific requirements.
  • Verify All Lender’s Requirements Have Been Met
    Check with your loan officer or lender representative and verify that the lender has all requirements on hand.
  • Determine Amount of Funds Necessary to Complete Closing
    You must arrange to get your funds due at closing to Capitol Title. For the protection of our clients, all funds due at closing, in excess of $2,500 must be in the form of a WIRE TRANSFER; we cannot accept ACH Fund Transfers or Bank Checks or Cashier Checks, in any amount; and funds up to $2,500 will be accepted as personal check payable to “Capitol Title Insurance Agency, Inc.” For more information, and to receive wire instructions, contact our office.

Always call our office to confirm wiring instructions prior to authorizing a transfer of funds!

Email Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that more than $3.1 billion dollars has been stolen from victims of wire fraud schemes.

DO NOT wire money based on an email. Beware of any modification or change to wire instructions. VERIFY all instructions by phone. DO NOT use the phone number in an email. Please verify all information independently.

Each Capitol Title office uses a single wire account for ALL transactions.  The account will not change.

  • Bring your photo I.D.
    It is required by the lender, the title insurance company and the notary public that you furnish a government issued photo I.D (e.g., driver’s license or passport.) If you do not bring this to closing, a delay in the disbursement of funds and exchange of keys may result.
  • Termite Certification
    If a wood infestation report is required by the contract, or the lender, confirm with the responsible party that it has been ordered and is “clear.”

After Settlement

  • Contact utility companies
    You will need to make sure that all utility companies are aware that you will be the new property owner as of the date of settlement. The phone numbers for the utility companies in your area are listed on Page 34 of our e-book.