Online Title Ordering Washington, DC

Online Title Ordering Washington, DC

Customers that are looking to request or replace a title can obtain services from a company that offers dependable online title ordering services for the Washington, DC community. Handling titles and other real estate topics are not the easiest thing to deal with. There are many laws and regulations governing property transactions that must be closely followed by property owners. It can be difficult to oversee and keep track of the entire process. When you need help with a title, escrow, or other topic, you should go to one of the top title companies established in the DC area. Discover the premier online services that Capitol Title Insurance Agency is trusted for by contacting us on our website.

What Is a Title Search?

A title search is useful when you are buying a home from a seller. When you are buying a home, you might likely assume the seller is entitled to sell the home, however this is not always the case and assumptions can lead to heartbreaking consequences because somebody with a claim or lien on the property can step in and stop the sale. So saving yourself from heartbreak or disappointment, you should run a property title search which examines public records on the property to help confirm the properties of the legal and rightful owner. This title search will also reveal if there are any claims or liens on the property that might affect your purchase.

Finding out who owns the property is going to be the first step, because first the current owner might not be aware of old claims that are against the property’s title. Second, the debts of any previous owners may come back to find you, because the debt follows the property. Debts that might follow the property are things like unpaid property taxes, homeowner association fees, bills for home improvement and more might become your responsibility if you skip a title search or the titles are exposed to find it. This is why most lenders require a title search and title insurance as part of the mortgage underwriting process.

But how do title searches identify who owns the property? That’s a great question. Title searches identify who owns a property by digging in the public records that are available for the property in question. Usually a lawyer or title company will use a variety of legal documents to confirm that the seller is truly the right owner of the property. Beyond that, the title search is going to root out any other financial and legal claims on the property before you purchase it.

The person that is conducting the title search is called an abstractor, and this person works to pull together all of the relevant information and legal documents that they can find about the property to give an abstract rendering of the title. The abstract of the title is going to include a chronologically recorded list of all documents and transactions that are related to the real estate in question. This abstract might include the current owner and previous owners, it may also include previous surveys of the property, any easements across the property, and any relevant wills or lawsuits that may involve the property.

A title search might uncover any financial rulings against the owner of the property title which might affect you financially in the future. A few examples of things that might financially affect you in the future are: outstanding property taxes, liens against the house or easements of any kind. It is critical that your house title search shows clear and free ownership of the property because you could be in for an unpleasant surprise down the road if ownership is not clear.

About Title Insurance

Whether you pursue online title ordering in Washington, DC or you want to work with a title company, such as Capitol Title, in person, you will need to purchase title insurance. Your lender can purchase lender’s insurance to protect itself, but you should purchase owner’s insurance to protect your interests as well. Expect to pay insurance on the full value of the property price you agreed on.

Although your title company will do an in-depth search for any claims on the title of the property, if anything is missed, your title insurance will pay valid claims to the title and provide legal help to fight or negotiate these claims. You can then rest easy that the property will be yours without any issues or clouds.

Title Investigation and Resolution

After you have completed your online title ordering in Washington, DC, your title company will investigate the property. Reputable companies, such as Capitol Title, will conduct in-depth searches for any claims on the title of the real estate.

For example, if upgrades had been done by a third party, that service provider may have placed a lien against the property if the bill was not paid. Home improvement companies, such as window or siding installers, typically use these types of liens. Second mortgages and home improvement loans may also result in liens. State and local government offices may also place liens against your home if you don’t pay your taxes. Your title company may also find deed mistakes, forgeries or additional owners, such as heirs who inherited the property.

Once every claim to the property has been found, your title company will begin pursuing resolutions. For example, these professionals will work with the seller to ensure that outstanding taxes are paid, additional owners sign off on the sale, all liens are removed and any forgeries are addressed. The goal is to produce a clear title.

Property Restrictions Found in the Search

Thorough title companies may also find property details during this search. For example, they may find that your property has an easement requirement or other restrictions. These details may restrict how you can use the property. For example, your home may be encroaching on an easement or another person’s land. You may want to build a shed or garage, but the covenants or zoning won’t allow it. You want to know all these details before closing on your property.

Additional Title Information

Now that you have pursued online title ordering in Washington, DC and the research has been completed, you can sign the closing documents. You will then receive a copy of your title, which you should store in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box. If you lose your title, contact the clerk of court in your county to request a new copy.

Online Title Ordering in Washington, DC

Excellent customer service is what the team at Capitol Title Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing to its client base. We want to make sure that our customers have a streamlined experience. Offering resources covering a wide variety of topics within the realm of title and settlements, such as purchases, home inspection, home title searches and many more, we can lend you the support you are looking for. You can expect personalized help that accommodates your concerns and needs. Reach out to our office through phone or email if you would like more detailed information regarding our services. 

A Full-Service Online System for Your Title Needs

Learning about a property’s past history is essential for buyers, helping them become aware of potential issues they need to know about such as outstanding mortgages. A title lets you view information about a specific property as well as details about its past legal owners, outstanding mortgages, and other relevant information. 

Requesting a new or replacement title is simple with Capitol Title Insurance Agency’s online title ordering services for Washington, D.C. residents. Our secure system ensures that you receive the information you are looking for and that a transaction goes smoothly and quickly. Customers can rely on our fast and secure web-based system.

If there are other title-related resources you are looking for, you can locate them on our website. Whether you are a title agent, lender, realtor or buyer, we have online services that make it easier to browse through titles. Our advanced technology helps our clients complete orders more efficiently. 

We also have available staff members to provide assistance if you have any questions or concerns while you submit an order. No matter what your title needs are, you can simply provide us what information you require and your order will be immediately processed. In the meantime, you can send us any questions that you have to us and we will respond to your inquiry shortly. 

Title and Escrow Services Are Available

Completing a real estate transaction shouldn’t have to be overly complicated. By using our services, filling out a title order form is easy to use and straightforward. With our simplified and transparent customer service, you can count on Capitol Title Insurance Agency to find a solution that works for you. Our title services were designed with clients like you in mind, so contact us now if you need assistance with online title ordering in Washington, D.C

Commercial Properties

While many discussions about property titles seem to address only residential property transactions, the reality is that property titles are just as critical in any commercial property transactions, as well. Additionally, it is important to note that commercial property title issues can end up being much more complex than residential. Regardless of what type of property title you are dealing with, a company that specializes in online title ordering in Washington, DC can help. From start to finish, land to building, our Capital Title Group can help.

If your commercial property purchase involves just land, there should be a land title. A land title is a legal document that stipulates what the property owner’s rights are. Not only does it acknowledge who the rightful owner of the property is, but it should also stipulate any easements, usage rights, natural resource rights, liens, and any other rights that may be associated with the property. This is all critical information for any potential buyer.

One misconception that often comes up with the property being purchased is just land is that title insurance is not needed if there will just be a brand-new home being built on the property. However, it is very rare that a piece of property is claim-free so any buyer of even an empty piece of land should not forgo title insurance in case issues arise in the future.

A company that specializes in online title ordering in Washington, DC also knows that there is also a risk of a mechanic’s lien (also referred to as a contractor or construction lien) that could have been placed against the property. A mechanic’s lien is a claim that a contractor or subcontractor can file against a property for work that has been done but not reimbursed for or materials delivered that have not been paid for.

Another reason to consider title insurance is that there may be an unknown servitude or easement on the property. One of the most common types is a utility servitude. This is where a utility company, such as an electric company, has the right to access a property to service utility lines and equipment. Other servitudes include the right of way for pipelines or other servitudes. These servitudes are usually attached to the property, regardless of whether or not the property owner is aware of them or not. This is why title insurance is always a good idea no matter what type of property you are purchasing.

Online Title Ordering Washington, DC

When it comes to buying a house many people turn to online title ordering in Washington, DC for their title insurance. However, many more people shy away from title insurance because of the many myths that come with it. Since expenses can really add up for a buyer like the home inspection, down payment, closing costs, and cost of moving, many just don’t see a need for it. 

It is important though, before you decide on not taking title insurance, that you understand what you are really giving up. Here are the most common myths that people fall for when it comes to title insurance. 

Myth #1: You are Getting Lender’s Title Insurance 

If you are going to buy a home then you aren’t getting lender’s title insurance. Lender’s title insurance protects a mortgage company and the owner’s title insurance protects the homeowner. 

When you get a loan you are required to get the lender’s title insecure. That only protects the mortgage company for the amount of time the mortgage lasts as long as there is a loan on the property. This doesn’t happen when you go to buy a home. You are getting owner’s title insurance which protects you and your heirs as long as the property is in your name. 

Myth #2: The Home is Brand New So I Don’t Need Title Insurance

 This simply isn’t the case. Even when a home is brand new, the land where the home is built has probably been owned by many people over the years. The age of the home has nothing to do with potential issues that could arise over the ownership of the home. 

Not only that, but a new home comes with risks. There are things like easements, restrictions, HOA liens, and many other things that could affect your ownership interest and use of the property that you need to be aware of. 

Myth #3: The Seller’s Owned it For Many Years So There is Nothing to Worry About 

Actually, this is one one the biggest reasons you should invest in title insurance. The amount of time a home has been owned has no bearing on if there are title issues. A home can be in a family for a long time but there can still be things like estate disputes, liens, unpaid taxes, and other title defects. 

A long history of ownership doesn’t guarantee safety and the only way to protect yourself from potential problems is title insurance. 

Myth #4: You Don’t Need Insurance After a Title Search 

While we wish this was true, it simply isn’t. A title search can still miss things. For example, if the previous seller committed fraud a title search won’t show that. And if you aren’t protected then it can cause problems for you easily. Title insurance is there to protect you from things that were missed. 

When you start looking for online title ordering in Washington, DC, then look no further than then Capitol Title Group to help you through all your title needs. 

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