• Notify title company of any and all existing mortgages tied to the subject property.
    1. Name of lender
    2. Loan/account number
    3. Telephone number for lender
    4. Social security number (which enables title company to obtain payoff figures)
  • Notify title company if you are aware of any pending bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Furnish the title company with applicable information regarding condo management company/homeowner’s association/private front foot company.
    1. Name of management company
    2. Address of management company
    3. Phone number
    4. Amount of condo/hoa fee
    5. Is this fee paid on an annual/quarterly/monthly basis?
  • Is this property waterfront?
  • The title company needs to know, if leasehold property, if there is ground rent. If so, you will need to furnish the following information:
    1. Name/address of owner
    2. Phone number of owner
    3. Yearly payment amount
    4. Semi-Annual payment dates
  • If you (or a co-owner) will not be present, please advise the title company immediately. They need to know if arrangements need to be made, or if a Power of Attorney needs to be prepared. If there is already an existing power of attorney, the title company must review its substance to determine if it is acceptable (for recording/insuring purposes.)
  • Is the current owner(s) of record a citizen of the United States? If ANY owner is a foreign person (and the sales price exceeds $300,000.00) a 10% withholding will be required unless the seller provides a “withholding certificate” issued by the IRS OR furnishes other documentation indicating an exemption from the withholding requirement (e.g., current green card.)
  • Is the current owner(s) of record a non-resident of the State of Maryland? On Maryland property, if the owner is not a Maryland resident the property may be subject to collection of withholding requirements, per Section 10-912(b)(2) of Maryland’s Tax-General Article.
  • The title company needs to know your current marital status (married, single, widowed, divorced) to determine whether or not there may be other owners of record or issues concerning an estate.
  • Please furnish the title company your forwarding address so they may contact you after the closing, if necessary, or mail you any important documentation or refunds.
  • The title company will need the name of your real estate agent, including the following information:
    1. Real estate agent’s company affiliation
    2. Real estate agent’s phone/fax number(s)
    3. Total real estate commission percentage.
  • Is the current owner a legal entity (LLC, Partnership or corporation?) The title company will need documentation showing the entity is in good standing and the appointment of someone with authority to sign documents, if applicable.
  • Are any of the owners/co-owners deceased? If so, the title company will need a death certificate and estate documents, if applicable.
  • Bring your photo I.D.
    It is required by the title insurance company and the notary public that you furnish a government issued photo I.D. (e.g., driver’s license or passport.) If you do not bring this to closing, a delay in the disbursement of funds may result.