Property title search in Maryland

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If you have found your next home, and you know that you want it, then you’re probably excited. However the joy of finding your next house can be tempered by the stress that is the steps of purchasing a house. You have the offer, you have closing, you have so much to do to protect both yourself and the lender that is giving you money.

So one of the things that you need to do is obtain an inspection of the home that you’re interested in, have the home appraised and of course conduct the property title search. But just what is a property title search? When you are buying a home from a seller, it’s safe to assume that the seller has permission to sell the home. This is not always the case however, this assumption can lead to heartbreaking consequences because if somebody can claim or lien on the property, they can show up and do so.

A property title search is an examination of public records on the property to ensure that the property’s rightful legal owners are who are selling it to you. This public search will also show you any liens or other claims to the home.

When you are interested in doing a property title search in Maryland then you should reach out to a real estate company, such as Capitol Title to ensure that all of your concerns are met and assuaged. Once you find out who owns the property that you want to buy, you should know it’s only the first step. The current owner might not even be aware of an old claim against the property, and any debt of the previous owners may come back to haunt you because the debt follows the property.

So if you reach out to a real estate agency and work with them they can help you to ensure that you are able to get the home that you want without taking on anyone else’s debt or purchasing the home illegally from someone who is not the owner.

Feel free to reach out to Capitol Title today about all of your property title searches in Maryland.