It seems counterintuitive to think of being injured while at the hospital – the place where already injured people go for help! But unfortunately, it happens all too often when medical staff or facilities are not operating as they should or following the high standards they should be. Depending on your situation and injury, you may have a strong legal case to pursue with the legal assistance of experienced hospital accident lawyers in Montgomery County, MD, such as from Cohen & Cohen. No matter the circumstances, if you were injured in an avoidable way had the medical staff or facility been operating properly, then you should be compensated for your pain and suffering. A lawyer can discuss your situation and help you determine your next steps in the legal process. Schedule a consultation today!

Examples of Common Hospital Accident Injuries

  • Infections – when a patient isn’t cared for properly, they can develop an infection that could be miner or deadly, depending on the severity and how long it is left untreated. In general, a severe infection should be avoidable if medical staff are doing their job properly and caring for patients with attention to detail, checking them regularly, and looking for any arising issues.
  • Tripping and falling – hospitals have a tendency to have a lot of cords, tubes, and slippery spills and could cause a trip or fall that results in further injury. When the facility is set up and cleaned properly, the area should be void of these obstacles. 
  • Incorrect Medications – it sometimes happens that a patient is given either the wrong medication or the wrong amount of a medication that results in injury or serious discomfort, which could even be long-lasting. When medical staff are not being very careful they can make mistakes, and those mistakes could cause you injury.
  • Unnecessary Treatment – Whether a treatment was unnecessarily performed accidentally or as a way to make more money for the hospital, it likely caused you a lot of unnecessary pain and money. In these cases, you may have agreed to the treatment at your doctor’s recommendation, but a lawyer can still discuss the options you have for a legal case.

Hire Experienced Hospital Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in some way by a hospital accident, don’t wait to seek the legal guidance of experienced hospital accident lawyers who can guide you though the legal process and provide the legal advice you need. Their experience will be invaluable as you go through a legal case and navigate the complex legal system. Contact a law firm today to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your case and next steps in the legal process. They are ready to help you through this, and they’ve been there before, so they know how to guide you through it with a favorable outcome that will help you be better off since going through this experience and injury. The sooner you call, the sooner it will be done! Call today to get started on your case!