Capitol Title


"Settlement" (also referred to as “Closing”) on your purchase is the meeting at which the financial terms of your contract are consummated, title to the property is transferred and the loan documentation is completed and signed. Typically, all parties to the contract and the Realtor®(s) are present and an attorney or a licensed settlement officer conducts the settlement. Once all of the documents have been executed, you will be required to provide a cashier’s or certified check, as per the terms of your real estate contract (in the amount indicated on the CD and/or ALTA settlement statement) in exchange for the keys to your new home.

The settlement normally takes approximately one hour, provided proper pre- settlement preparation and procedures have been followed. Immediately after you or the Realtor® make first contact with CAPITOL♦TITLE and authorize commencement of our settlement services, our attorneys, title abstractors and coordinators will be working with you to assure that all necessary information and documentation are obtained and compiled. This will enable your settlement to occur in a timely and professional manner.

CAPITOL♦TITLE’s personnel are highly trained professionals who will guide you through the settlement process and will handle all aspects  of settlement coordination to ensure that your closing is “stress free.”

CAPITOL♦TITLE and Goldstein & Levy, P.A., its General Counsel, are available to answer any questions or to discuss any concerns which you may have relative to the settlement on your home purchase. No additional fee is charged for any such consultations. Our goal is simple – we want you to be comfortable with all aspects of the settlement process and to be completely satisfied with our services.