Escrow services in Annapolis, MD

Capitol Title has provided settlement services for clients since 1973. Many of their clients appreciate the value and assurances that a lawyer owned, service oriented company may offer, especially when it comes to their escrow services offered in Annapolis, MD. Their staff is experienced and professional, from the lawyers that they employ to the settlement officers and coordinators. Capitol Title conducts settlements in the thousands every year, which involves properties in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia.

One of the main goals of this company is to ensure they are prepared, professional and accessible. Each person at Capitol Title will listen to you and strive to understand and assuage your concern. They are experienced enough to recognize your specific needs and respond to them in kind. Their practice is distinguished by their record in achieving the objectives set above and has earned them a favorable reputation in the real estate community. They are committed to excellence and this has been rewarded by successful growth in their client base.

But you might be wondering just what escrow is and what escrow services are for. Escrow is the legal concept that describes a financial instrument where an outsider escrow money is held by a third party, oftentimes this money is held because two parties are involved. This is typically true of the people being involved having a transaction of sorts.

Escrow accounts can include escrow fees that are managed by agents or will the funds or assets until they have received the appropriate instructions or fulfillment of predetermined contractual obligations have been met. Money, securities, minds and even other assets can be held in escrow. Escrow is often a replacement for a cashier’s check.

Escrow is a process that is used when two parties are more in the process of completing a transaction and there may be uncertainty over whether one party or another is going to rebuild her obligations.

The types of escrow are real estate, stock market, and online sales. Escrow accounts and services can apply to real estate transactions, which is where you will place the funds allowing the buyer to perform due diligence on a potential acquisition. Escrow accounts in this manner assure the seller that the buyer can close on the purchase, if there are conditions attached to the cell such as the passing of an inspection or something else that might not be met, the buyer and seller may agree to use escrow.

In the stock market stocks are issued in escrow, so while the shareholder is the real owner of the stock, the shareholder has limited rights when it comes to the disposal of that.. So if you’re an executive who receives stock as a bonus to your compensation, you must wait for an escrow. To pass before you can sell that stock.

Online escrow much like real estate and stock market escrow protects the buyer and seller from fraud or nonpayment. The online platform acts as the middleman for online product sales, which means that the buyers and the money to an escrow service and they hold the money until the product has been received. Once that product has been received and is verified the provider will release the funds to the seller.

If you need an escrow service in Annapolis, MD you should reach out to Capitol Title today.